Call for the September 8th Occupy DSEI mass action – from the Stop the Arms Fair coalition

In 2011 all across the world people took to the streets in from Greece to Spain from Egypt to New York. These uprisings where the first glimpse of a global movement against political and economic injustice. In 2013 the movement continues and has spread to Turkey and Brazil where people face brutal state repression.

Many of the weapons being used against the people in these countries are made by British companies, and sold with the support of the UK government, in a trade subsidised by the taxpayer. All of this in the midst of devastating cuts to public services in the UK.

This September international weapons companies will be meeting warmongers and human rights abusers at one of the world’s largest arms fairs to make the deals that will send deadly weapons around the world to repress the 99%. From the tear gas in Turkey, Egypt and Brazil to the weapons of the Syrian Assad Regime the DSEI arms fair is a global showroom of bloodshed and profit.

Come and create a mass action against the arms fair in solidarity with the international struggles for justice.

Sunday September 8th at 12:00

Near the ExCeL centre, which hosts the arms fair

The meeting point will be announced on Saturday 7th September at 12 noon in the following places:

What to bring: Friends, banners, music, food, fun, water, costumes, drums…

See our action history for what people have done in previous years…

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