Disarm DSEi 2011 pamphlet

Disarm DSEi 2011 pamphletDisarm DSEi has produced a pamphlet all about opposing the DSEi arms fair. The pamphlet explains the links between DSEi and various other issues including banking, repressive regimes, the occupation of Palestine, border controls and environmental destruction.

The pamphlet is also a call to take action against the arms fair, and includes helpful advice for first-time activists.

Please download this pamphlet, forward it, print it, distribute it and help to spread the message. Thanks!


  • The Call-out – Disarm DSEi’s 2011 call for direct action against the arms fair
  • Action History – A brief and incomplete round-up of DSEi actions 1999-2009
  • Making a Killing – Banking and it’s links to DSEi
  • DSEi and Palestine
  • DSEi and the Middle Eastern and North African uprisings
  • DSEi and the Border Regime – How exhibitors at DSEi help to both create and oppress migrants
  • Militarism: the Environmental Cost
  • What is an Affinity Group?
  • Mask Up?

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