Confront Counter Terror Expo: Confront the real terrorists!

25 April 2012, 6.30pm
Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 High Street Kensington
Nearest tubes High Street Kensington and Knightsbridge

Join Disarm DSEi as we confront exhibitors at the so-called Counter Terror Expo — an event showcasing the latest equipment used by states to spy on, restrict and murder their citizens under the guise of “preventing terrorism”.

At a mere £156 a ticket (guess who isn’t suffering from austerity?) “counter-terrorist experts” — many better known as arms companies — will gather at the Royal Garden Hotel to guzzle champagne followed by four course dinner. Let’s help them choke on it!

Dinner guests include:

General Dynamics
British arm of US-based firm agreed deal to upgrade military equipment for an elite Libyan government security brigade
Chemring Defence
British contractor produced CS gas canisters fired at civilians by Egyptian security forces in Tahir Square
L-3 Security & Detection Systems
A division of $15bn surveillance and communications giant L-3 Communications
French aerospace and defence company paid fine of €630m in 2010 over bribes to win contract for 1991 sale of frigates to Taiwan
Northrop Grumman
US global aerospace company, world’s fourth largest defence contractor

(Check out the full list of exhibitors.)

Across North Africa and the Middle East, dictatorships are using equipment supplied by UK companies to spy on and attack demonstrators, and some of these countries will be shopping for more equipment at the Counter Terror Expo, along with other repressive regimes from around the world.

The UK is a major market, where police are widening their surveillance and repression to even the mildest dissidents. As the government relentlessly destroys the welfare state and drags our wages to rock bottom, it continues to subsidise and promote the arms and “security” industries

The event hosts hundreds of exhibitors, including leading arms companies, who make huge profits from conflict and repression. It is officially supported by a vast range of military, police and private security organisations, and is endorsed by state agencies such as the MoD and NATO.

Surveillance systems will be a major focus, with companies again promoting biometric and data gathering/mining technologies; promoting “freedom” through ever greater control and documentation of our daily lives, not to mention drones (coming to a demo near you soon).

The event is organised by Clarion, which also runs DSEi — the world’s largest arms fair. What with governments everywhere looking to increase control of their citizens, and the industry exaggerating threats to increase their profits, Clarion must think they’re onto a winner. Let’s show them they’re not.

Disarm DSEi / Corporate Watch

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