Don’t let the arms dealers dine in peace

DSEI Arms dealers’ “charity” dinner
(you couldn’t make it up!)
Troxy, 490 Commercial Rd, London, E1 OHX
Meet Thursday September 12 at 6.30pm
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Whilst the US and its allies are teetering on the edge of military action in Syria, the DSEI arms fair is happy to arm either side. When it comes to world wide arm sales, it’s all about the powerful making a killing.

The UK is pouring arms into Saudi Arabia – chief sponsor of the Syrian jihadists. There will be a Saudi delegation shopping for military equipment at Excel this week, whilst Rosoboron Export, Russia’s state arms export agency which supplies weapons to Assad, will be there as well. And, if Assad was indeed the one using the chemical weapons, the fact is that the UK government also approved the sale of the necessary chemicals to the Syrian regime.

On Thursday September 12th, assorted DSEI arms dealers are gathering at the Troxy to raise money for wounded British soldiers by hosting a boxing competition by the Army Boxing Association and charity auction. We say that there’d be a lot less wounded squaddies if the arms traders stuffing their faces weren’t selling weapons to anyone who’ll buy them.

Squaddies get some sort of choice about going to war. The inhabitants of the countries where the arms are ending up don’t! In the end, the only people getting fat from the arms trade (£2500 a table anyone?) are the arms dealers themselves.

Lets give them the kind of welcome they deserve!

Bikes not Bombs! Critical Mass action against the arms fair

Bikes not Bombs logoSunday 8 September, 10am, meet at Bank Junction, London EC2. Bring noise, colour, contempt.

Part of the day of action against DSEI, the world’s largest arms fair with 1,300 arms companies and 28,000 buyers. It’s all taking place at the ExCeL centre in London’s docklands.

We will also be riding to the arms dealers dinner on Thurs 12 Sept.

Download the flyer here and help spread the word!

Protesters confront battleship en route to world’s largest arms fair

Kayak vs HMS DauntlessMedia release

Today, HMS Dauntles was disrupted en route to the world’s largest arms fair by protesters angry at a trade that inflicts untold misery and death across the planet. Protesters manoeuvred kayaks in front of the ships to prevent them gaining access to Royal Victoria Dock.

At a time of austerity and government cuts, East London will be hosting Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEI) from 13th – 16th September, with much of the cost borne by the taxpayer.

Every 2 years the ExCeL centre in London’s dockyards welcomes dictators, arms dealers and suspected war criminals in an attempt to persuade them to buy British weaponry. Many of the weapons used by dictators to kill demonstrators during the Arab spring were procured from DSEI exhibitors.

This year DSEI falls on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. It is worth remembering that (according to the British Medical Journal) nearly 400,000 people die every year from armed

A spokesperson for Disarm DSEI stated “The same politicians that shed crocodile tears for the 9/11 victims are fuelling the fires of war and armed conflict around the world. It is up to ordinary people to intervene to stop the obscene traffic in arms. DSEI, the world’s largest arms fair, must be stopped.”

This is just one action in a concerted campaign. Protesters have vowed to disrupt DSEI throughout the week, including a day of action on the 13th to blockade the DLR and prevent delegates attending the event.
For further information and pictures contact – 07592 769 907 or 07415 810 637

Notes for Editors:
Several warships will form part of this year’s DSEI – hosting receptions and showcasing military technology, including HMS Dauntless, the pride of the British Navy.

Over 1200 arms companies will be selling their wares to 25,000 buyers from around the world, including military delegations from some of the world’s most repressive, human rights abusing regimes.

DSEI is held in Newham, one of London’s most impoverished boroughs. Whilst the government has subsidised DSEI by £320,000 and paid up to £4million for policing, Newham council are being forced to cut
£116 million from their budget over the next four years.

For years leading up to the “Arab Spring”, arms companies have exported equipment to the regimes which are now being condemned by governments rapidly backtracking on their support. A report issued in April this year confirmed that since 2009 the UK have exported components for military helicopters to Algeria, sub-machine guns and tear gas to Bahrain, machine guns to Egypt and hand grenades to Jordan. British defence contractors have also sold small arms ammunition to Syria, hand grenades, sniper rifles and tear gas to Saudi Arabia and shotguns to Morocco.